GYM, not Gin!

A well known health club has given me a 2 week trial membership for £16! I have just been for my tour, paid my fee and from today I can use all of their facilities including the indoor and outdoor swimming pools, jacuzzi, sauna, gym and any fitness classes I wish to book on. I am really excited!

What would you like to get out of your trial with us Miss Murphy?” said the lovely employee showing me around. I suddenly went into dream world and pictured me chatting to a gorgeous man with protruding biceps, running effortlessly on the machine next to me. People do say the gym is a good place to meet people! However, the reality would be me pressing all of the wrong buttons on the gym equipment, pressing faster instead of slower. Trying to yell ‘help’ as my legs are about to buckle under me. Pouring with sweat and a face as red as a beetroot! Not to mention clenching my pelvic floor muscles within an inch of their life so as not to pee! This has all happened to me before by the way, but I wont let an embarrassing past history stop me from my mission of starting to get into shape!

Anyway, I’m not going to the gym to meet a man! I’m going to build my body strength. To tone my very flabby muscles. I’m not going there to consciously lose weight. I am very aware I need to shed a couple of stone but it is not my purpose in these 2 weeks. My cancer treatment has left me with a very tired body. The medication I continue to use, makes me feel like a person twice my age. Don’t get me wrong, I do physical activities. I’m a single mum to a very active young boy. We go on lots of adventures. But my body is still very tired. I need to wake it back up and this 2 week membership is hopefully going to give me the kick start I need.

I’m going to try a spin class. I’m going to do an introduction to Pilates. I’m going to do aqua aerobics. I’m going to row, cycle and dance my fluorescent leg warmers off! The empty, mirrored dance studio looked so appealing. I might even do a ‘Debbie special solo routine’ to the Flashdance soundtrack! I’m going to ache all over! But I do anyway, so bring it on!

I remember seeing a meme doing the rounds on social media that went something like “I might be slow, but I’m lapping everyone on the couch”. It used to upset me as I was that person on the couch. But I was doing what my body needed me to do and that was rest and recover. I think we get shamed into not doing what we think we should. We have to be ready and able to take those first steps and that is where I am now.

Well actually I’ve already taken the first step by joining the health club. I celebrated by eating my own weight in cheese! But hey, I’m going to work it all off in the gym tomorrow! The next step is booking onto a class for tomorrow morning. I also have to find my lycra that has been hiding away since the 1980’s!

I will keep you posted about my progress and no doubt embarrassing happenings! Wish me luck …………!



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