More than just a Teddy …….

When I asked my 6 year old son Rory what he would like to do on the last day of the Christmas holidays, without hesitation he said he wanted to go into town to spend his Christmas vouchers!

I was a little reluctant. One, shopping with Rory is a nightmare. Two, I didn’t want to go into town and three, like with most people post Christmas, finances are stretched to the limit.  December saw us needing a new car. December saw me financing an already scaled down six year olds birthday party. And obviously the added expense of Christmas meant we were totally wiped out financially. But I did have petrol in the car and £2 in my purse, the exact amount needed for Sunday parking in town.

My son has more money than I do!  I give him £1 pocket money every Friday. He doesn’t have to do any chores for this money. He is expected to do things around the house as a routine part of our lives. The money is for him to learn the value of things. I’m sure he will be an accountant one day as he loves counting out and sorting his money! Although I often have to raid his piggy bank and write him IOU’s!

He got out his Lego shop and Toys R Us vouchers along with another £10 he had saved up, whilst I made us a picnic and flask of tea to take with us.

There are so many distractions in town that cost money. Carousel’s, racing car’s and even massage chairs. Rory asked to go on them all. And after a quick reminder that I didn’t have any money and he would need to use his own, he quickly took the lead and marched us off to the Lego shop.

I hate the Lego shop!

Rory could spend hours in there looking at the magnificent creations displayed in the glass boxes. “How much is that one Mum” he asked enthusiastically. Needless to say I shattered my little boys dream after declaring it was £695.00! We painfully looked back and forth at the toy boxes. Nothing jumped out at him. He usually knows what he wants. To my surprise he said he would keep saving his money and come back again. Bless him!

Next stop Toys R Us. I was much more at ease in this shop. It was empty and we took our time looking up and down the aisles. “Have I got enough money for this Mum?” asked Rory. It was the biggest teddy bear I have ever seen. Considerably reduced in price. Probably because most people don’t have room for a ginormous teddy bear in their homes. We certainly don’t have room! “Can I get it? Please Mum”. Out of all of the thousands of toys in the shop, my son wanted the biggest teddy in the world. There was no persuading him otherwise. But it was his money and his choice and that is what he wanted! Where on earth was he going to go?!!!

Due to its size, it was me that had to carry him through the city centre, navigating past street performers and busy shoppers! Rory was busy thinking of a name and age for our new addition to the family. We put him in the car seat next to Rory’s and Rory chatted to him all the way home. He showed him around our house and where he would sleep. He cuddled him and mimicked a very gentle voice when talking to him. He even had dinner with us!

I can already see this is more than just a teddy bear to Rory. He is a new companion. His caring nature is shinning through and I am loving seeing his role play interaction.

It was a bit of a squeeze when Rory and teddy climbed into my bed in the early hours of this morning and I was a little put out when teddy had the first morning cuddles! But my boy is so happy. He told the teddy all about going to school and not to worry as he would be back later. He joined us for the car journey to school (only for today though)! And I know Rory will be so excited to see him again after school! I think this is going to be a teddy that he can tell his troubles to. A teddy to give him extra comfort when he may need it.

There is nothing better in the world than seeing your child happy.

He might be as big as our house but both Rory and I are glad “Tiddles” aged 4, has come to live with us!