Arghhh It’s Birthday Party planning time!



There is nothing I look forward to more than celebrating the birth of my amazing son.  Showcasing to everyone his remarkable journey from birth up until this present day. Not a day goes past where I don’t think I am the luckiest mummy ever! So why is planning his birthday party so stressful?!

Firstly, my son’s birthday lies smack bang in the middle of all of the hype of Christmas. My son’s birthday is 10 days before the second biggest day of the year! But I wouldn’t have it any other way as Rory shares his birthday with another love of my life, my darling Godson Benjamin. I love the fact that my best friend and I had babies on the same day, all be it 10 years apart!

So planning a birthday party in the festive period is difficult. Venues are booked up in advance for Christmas parties. People are on their work Christmas do’s or away visiting family for their own pre-Christmas celebrations. And lets not forget the unpredictable winter weather that can almost prevent a party from taking place! Rory’s first year of life was traumatic and unsettling but I was determined to have a party to celebrate his first birthday. That was the year it snowed. It snowed a lot! Yes it was magical and all that, but it was a very big inconvenience!

I was also very determined to make my son’s first ever birthday cake. That was a complete disaster and every year since, the supermarket bought birthday cakes have never let me down! My attempt in delivering a beautifully decorated pastel blue number 1 cake, resulted in a pale grey, inedible, slab of steel decorated with chocolate buttons. Never again!

Birthday parties are expensive. I was hoping this year to get away with having his friends over to the house in stages, 3 at a time over a couple of weeks to play a few games and have a party tea. But 1, my house is tiny and 2, Rory wants a party. He deserves to have a party. And a party he shall have.

Last year, Rory started full time school. Friendships were still being made and although there are 30 children in his class I thought it was important to invite them all. By booking a venue in advance I was able to get an incredible offer to accommodate his class. As a parent, I found it difficult last year to see children coming out of Rory’s class with invitations in their hand only for Rory not to have one. I felt hurt for my child not to be included but angry with myself in case my social anxieties since cancer treatment have impacted our social interaction both in and out of school.

Once I get my ‘reality’ hat back on I understand that to be invited, or not invited to a birthday party is a harsh lesson in life for a small child. People have different budgets. Different friends. Some people just prefer a smaller celebration. People can do as they choose.

So over 3 months in advance, I have booked my son’s birthday party. An offer was just about to expire at a venue Rory loves to go to and he is so excited to know that he is having a party. It does make me feel uneasy that Rory can only invite less than half of his class from school but the bottom line comes down to individual financial circumstances. As a single mum, I am proud that I can offer my son a birthday celebration that he wants within my budget. It might be a smaller affair people wise, but the celebration of his birth will be ginormous. And I cannot wait!





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