A £10 day out in the City ……

As with most people, January is a financially depressing month. My son’s birthday is just before Christmas and most of my family members have their birthday’s in January! Our entertainment budget reduces dramatically so I am always on the lookout for cheap days out.

With £10 in my purse, my 5 year old and I set out for a day of adventures in Cardiff town. Now I must apologise in advance but I told the bus driver a little white lie. Well not a lie as such but when he assumed my son was under 5 and didn’t qualify for a fare, I didn’t correct him. My bad! So, £3.60 spent for a day return into the big city. I drive most of the time so a bus journey is a treat for my son.

The day we chose to venture into town, Cardiff was hosting one of the biggest sporting events: Wales v England in the Rugby. Being a welsh rugby fan myself I loved taking in the atmosphere. The town was buzzing with dancing dragons and daffodil’s! A chorus of rugby anthems and musical talents echoed from street to street. I just had to have a dragon face painted onto my cheek and a bargain at £1. My son Rory declined but soon changed his mind when he saw how cool his mummy looked! £4.40 left in the pot.

Our first port of call was the Cardiff Story Museum conveniently located in the centre. Neither of us had been before but we will definitely go back! On the first level there were interactive stations explaining all about the history of Cardiff. Rory was chatting away on the hand held listening device! He enjoys anything that allows him to push buttons and there were lots of buttons to press.  I finally persuaded him to follow me down to the children’s section on the next level. What a fab place! There is so much to do. Rory loved the toy kitchen and train in the most in the wonderfully named ‘Dewi’s Den’. For me, I thoroughly  enjoyed reading the displays showing the changes to this marvellous city throughout the years. We ended our visit by creating our ‘Peace Mugs’ on paper. Discussing what ‘peace’ meant was a lovely way to end our visit, however after 2 hours, Rory did not want to leave and it was only because it was lunch time that I got him out! The Cardiff Story Museum is free to enter and explore.

Our original plan was to go to Macdonald’s for our lunch. I am not a fan of Macdonald’s and we rarely go. But the Happy Meals had just changed from Angry Birds to Batman Lego and I have a big Lego fan. However, that all changed when toilet needs called and we popped into Pillars restaurant. 2 children’s meals ordered, including drinks for £6. Sitting in the restaurant chatting away to my little boy was well worth going over budget for!

As more and more rugby fans descended on the city we took ourselves across to the much quieter Civic Centre and climbed the steps to the National Museum. Not before Rory had an impromptu dance with some buskers! We have been to the National Museum many times and for a little boy like mine who likes to roam free, this environment is ideal. And once again, free. He takes me around the building as if he is the tour guide! You could easily spend a good couple of hours in this Museum. If pennies permit there is a coffee shop/café on the lower ground which has a little play area. Very useful if you need a coffee and a sit down to recharge your batteries whilst your little one still has bundles of energy!

By this time, I have more than reached my daily target of steps and ready to go home! £11.60 spent on an exhausting but fun and educational day out. Rory fell asleep on the bus home!



2 thoughts on “A £10 day out in the City ……

  1. A lovely post and looks like you both had a fab time we are going to the museum in half term Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please


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