Helicopter museum

If you are  anything like me, I love history and old things! I love taking Rory to educational places where he learns through interaction and exploration about how our ancestors lived and how different our lives are to those in the past.

At the heart of my Chemotherapy, with no energy for another camping trip, I came across a Groupon voucher for the Helicopter Museum in Weston Super Mare. After a good look on their website I purchased the voucher for a bargain price of something in the region of £6!

It was a particular difficult time for me, and this trip was where I announced my Cancer to the rest of the world!  I booked us into our Premier Inn favourite not too far from the Museum and off we went. Typical of me, I forgot the voucher and ended up paying again but Rory was under 4 years old at the time and was free thankfully.

I was so pleasantly surprised by the marvel of this huge warehouse homing over 80 helicopters. Rory was in his element climbing up the steps, having a look at each and everyone of them. There were interactive stations which always keeps my busy little boy occupied. He could wonder to his hearts content in this safe environment.

Conservation work on the aircrafts is carried out entirely by volunteers” and what a wonderful job they do too.

There is quite a few other things on offer at the museum such as ‘Air Experience Flights’ and ‘open cockpit days’ which might be of interest to some. Having just looked on their website there are numerous events organised for this coming year so we will definitely be going back!

We easily spent a couple of hours there and had lunch in their quaint little café. A purchase of a helicopter from the shop and a play in the park enhanced this little adventure. As did a scooter ride along Weston Super Mare promenade and a play on the beach. All combined, a thoroughly enjoyable adventure!




2 thoughts on “Helicopter museum

  1. Hi Debbie, I really enjoyed reading your blog about the museum (and a few of your other adventures)… thank you for the kind words and I’m glad you and Rory enjoyed your visit!
    Would it be OK for me to share some quotes and photos from the blog via our social media?
    Thanks and hopefully see you soon at one of our events!


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