Chicken Pox: The reality!

5 days ago my son caught chicken pox. I wrote a blog about how I was looking forward to spending a week at home with him and why I thought having chicken pox wasn’t going to be so bad!

This is what I have found so far:

  1. I am patient.
  2. I need to be more patient!
  3. My son can shout.
  4. He can say ‘mum’ a million times a minute.
  5. He can go from lying on the sofa unable to do anything to bouncing around doing ninja moves when his father pops in with some medicine!
  6. His father thinks I exaggerate.
  7. I am beginning to hate Star Wars.
  8. Nobody’s Christmas biscuits are sacred!
  9. I cant stop eating!
  10. I get pissed off if the postman doesn’t call.
  11. Afternoon naps are a must.
  12. I can tolerate pain well and quietly. Several elbows have landed on my nose in the middle of the night!
  13. I swear a lot in my head!
  14. My son likes to strangle me. I allow him to strangle me.
  15. I can talk about nothing on the phone for a long time!
  16. My son doesn’t have enough pyjamas to get through the amount of daily changes required if a speck of water lands on him.
  17. I accept my flaw of not cutting his sandwiches in the correct shape.
  18. I don’t mind cleaning!
  19. I cant stop itching!


  20. I like to be busy!

My son, on the other hand is an incredible little boy. He is plastered in chicken pox. They look very sore but he hardly ever complains. Luckily I understand his need to vent his discomfort at me and he knows he can do it without consequence.

Today is his 5th birthday! After a very unsettled night, he has been so very happy playing with his birthday toys. Not being able to go out to buy him a birthday card, I made him a Star Wars one and he said “that is so kind of you mummy”!!! His birthday cake was a small section left over from his party on the weekend. He didn’t mind at all!

I will never forget the times I was too ill after my chemotherapy to get out of bed. My little boy would just climb into bed with me and wrap his arms around me, telling me all about his day! I hope I am looking after him as well as he did me. I am the luckiest mummy ever!



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