Camping with Tanks!

I had the crazy idea last year to take Rory to a ‘Cancer camp’ down in Dorset. A weekend of camping and activities with other young people and their families who have been affected by Cancer. I got very lost and the journey took more than 5 hours, I was exhausted and emotional and knew I had made a bad decision to come. It was too far to travel back so I had to try and make the most out of it. I felt I had totally let Rory down though.

The charity who set up the camp was amazing. I wanted Rory to see that other people his age had mummies with no hair and he wasn’t the only little boy who had a mummy who had been poorly. I wanted it to be so much fun for him. But instead, all of my deep imbedded feelings of having cancer and its effect on my family, came flooding to the surface almost instantly. What a disaster!

After a terrible first night where I was awake all night googling local attractions, we set off on our own little adventure to the Tank Museum.

What a wonderful place it was too!

I have always been deeply moved by history. I want Rory to understand how people fought so bravely and sacrificed their own lives, many just young boys themselves, in order to make our world a better place. Obviously, I do this age appropriately and answer his questions as honestly as I can but I love finding historic finds like this museum which captivates and encourages educational learning. And what’s more, there were many interactive activities such as dressing mummy up as a solider!

There was so much to see and do. We managed to stay a full day. I can totally recommend this place. I vaguely remember that the cost of the ticket enabled you to return to the museum at a later date free of charge. It was just too far for us! If we are ever in the area again though, we will be sure to go.

We returned to camp in the early evening and I felt a lot more emotionally prepared to join in with the activities organised for the children. Thank goodness for that! It wasn’t a total disaster after all!




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