Arghhhh The Chicken Pox!

In true Rory style, I had no idea he was brewing an illness! We had just had his 5th birthday party with 30 of his friends, he went to bed very late after opening all of his presents and all was ok! At 1am he came into my room, snuggled up next to me and he was boiling hot. He had a temperature of almost 40 degrees Celsius but he was still chatting away happily.

Whilst changing into cooler pyjamas, I noticed 2 blister spots on his chest. Oh no, had the dreaded chicken pox finally caught up with us???

I don’t have immunity against chicken pox! During all of my years as a Nursery Nurse and then a Student Nurse, I have cared for so many children and adults with chicken pox and shingles but have never managed to get the virus myself. Even when many of the children at Rory’s nursery became infected  during the time I was having Chemotherapy, we both managed to avoid catching it. It was always such a worry for me during that time as I don’t think my body would have coped with having chicken pox on top of an already diminished immune system!

So, Day 1 consisted of reducing Rory’s temperature, making sure he had an adequate fluid intake and keeping him as comfortable as possible. A few more red spots had appeared and even though I was almost certain it was chicken pox, there was a tiny bit of doubt in my mind that it might not be. I was hoping it wasn’t as it is Rory’s birthday week, there is the school Christmas trip, Christmas party, a family Christmas and pantomime to look forward to! I arranged for Rory’s father to come up and sit with him for an hour after he finished work so that I could pop to the supermarket to get everything we needed for a potential week or more in quarantine! Strangely enough, Rory’s father hasn’t had chicken pox either, oops!

Day 2 and more spots were slowly appearing. His temperature was under control. He asked for fish fingers! We played with some of his new birthday toys but I wasn’t allowed out of his sight which is unusual for Rory. Every minute or so he would do a chorus of “mum mum mum”, and quite a few times I had “I’m the one with chicken pox you know”! The lack of sleep took its toll and we had a lovely 3 hour afternoon nap!

Day 3 and there is no denying Rory has chicken pox. They have started to come out on his face now too, bless him. He wanted to name the biggest spots and so far they are called “Kevin, Stuart, Dave, Bob 1, Bob 2 and Bob 3”, from the Minions! One of Rory’s favourite things to watch is You Tube review clips of Star Wars toys. With this in mind, he asked me to film him on our tablet reviewing his chicken pox!!! Such a creative little boy!

One of my biggest worries as a single parent is getting ill myself. I have been making lots of vegetable soups and fruit smoothies. We have however just raided someone’s Christmas biscuits!! My house has also never been so clean. I have even rearranged my airing cupboard!

I don’t think having chicken pox is going to be as bad as I’ve been thinking it will be. There is nothing Rory and I like more than being together in our home. Staying in our pj’s all day! Playing with all of his toys. Snuggled up watching Christmas movies (Home Alone on repeat!). Eating whatever and whenever we want, especially treats when poorly! More presents to look forward to in a couple of days on Rory’s actual birthday!

Rory hasn’t itched his spots once yet, I hope this continues. I’m glad in a way he has caught chicken pox at this age as he can tell me what/where hurts. He is such a super little trooper!

I am itching like crazy!!





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