The second tent: The silver spaceship!

I didn’t do much research on tents at the beginning of our camping life. I had a very small budget and bought what I could afford. If it leaked, I would trade it in for another one when pennies allowed. Today, I am so much more aware of the what “Hydrostatic Head” means and the essential need for a tent with a built-in ground sheet!

My sister asked me one day when I had a rare few minutes to myself, what was I looking at on my phone. I am ALWAYS googling tents! Go Outdoors is my ultimate favourite shop and I spend hours in there! I am forever searching for campsites that are specific to our needs.

This adventure of ours to the Avon Valley Adventure and Wildlife Park was advertised on a camping forum and sounded amazing. The adventure park had created a family camping weekend on the actual park grounds. This was brilliant for me! I was still going through cancer treatment so if I needed a rest, we could simply go back to our tent! Apart from the normal adventure and wildlife park activities, when the park closed to the general public, us campers were treated to numerous exclusive activities such as animal feeding, kids fire making, marshmallow roasting, bat walk, night time story telling and a disco in the barn with non other than ‘Felix the Fox’!

It had everything we needed and so much more to keep Rory happy and entertained.

He knows that we are a team and that he needs to help me at home and when we go camping. He is chief dishwasher when we camp and I am chief dryer! He even takes the rubbish to the bin!

This tent looked good! It was an improvement on the last one. Unfortunately it didn’t have a built-in ground sheet which made it cold and damp! I couldn’t stand up in it and it also leaked!! I didn’t mind as much as it meant I could go for a day out to the tent shop and plan my next bigger and better purchase!!

We managed to camp for the weekend with entrance to the park and all activities included for a bargain price. Rory was still under the age for paying. I think this was the first year  the park had put on a camping weekend and there was a few hiccups along the way, but we thoroughly enjoyed it. I did look at going again this year but the prices had increased but I am sure we will return one day. We even booked glorious weather!



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