The Murphy’s at Centre Parcs!

I don’t always want to talk about having had Cancer when Rory was a tiny little tot. I am (slowly) getting our lives back on track but all of these adventures I write about are as a result of me having had cancer. I’m sure that I would have been working my backside off as a Nurse had I not of been diagnosed and needed such gruelling treatment. So I am thankful everyday for the memories we have been able to make, from the day I was told I had cancer to this present day.

There are various charities out there who understand the financial constraints  a life threatening illness can have on families. They also understand the need for ‘normal’ family life, creating special memories and enjoyment due to the devastating  impact cancer has on life. Courtesy of The Willow Foundation I was luckily enough to be able to take Rory away to Peppa Pig World for a couple of days shortly after my treatment ended which I will write about in due course! I was even luckier to be awarded  a break away to Centre Parks last year by another incredible charity. This time I was taking my Mum and Dad (and Rory!) as a way of thanking them for everything they have done for Rory and I during such horrendous circumstances. And what a brilliant time we had!

Cycling through the woods, exploring, seeing baby deer, swimming, archery, building dens with Grandad, bbq’s and all just relaxing and enjoying life!

I usually take it that my Dad is a very wise man but Icould not get my head around him insisting we had to go further downhill (even though we couldn’t go any further) because he was reading the map the wrong way!!! Watching my very brave Mum go down a water slide as there was no other way down! Watching us all climb up onto our bike saddles in complete agony day after day, my bottom has never been the same since!

This was a break away to show my parents that I was well. I was strong and I was healthy. I no longer had Cancer. Time was going to be an emotional healer but physically I was as fit as I had ever been.  Sharing this experience with the people I love the most was just wonderful. Of course my parents deserve much more than a break away for all they have done and continue to do for Rory and I, but this is what I could do for them and I know they cherished being with us for such a happy, memorable holiday.




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