River Dart Adventure …..

By now, you might have guessed that I love camping!

River Dart Country Park, situated within Dartmoor National Park, was our last camp of the summer season and it was by far the best camping experience we have had.

From the moment we arrived, Rory made friends. I am in total awe of his abilities to socially integrate himself when and where he needs to.

Having been traditional campers on our previous adventures, I decided to bite the bullet and make my life easier by having electric hook up! It is not a decision I took lightly but one I am so glad I did! I cannot function without my cup of tea in the morning and having my kettle with me was pure joy! I even bought a mini Raclette grill and made us delicious crumpets for breakfast. I am well and truly a converted electric hook-up camper!!!

This campsite had everything. We had a three night stay but we could have easily stayed a few more. The grounds were beautiful. This is definitely a campsite for the people who love outdoor adventures.

One of the highlights of the activities included in the camping price is the pirate ship in the lake, the lake obstacle course and toddler beach. I mistakenly left our wetsuits at home but Rory was happy to go into the lake in just his bathers and floatation vest. Luckily I did remember our beach shoes as they were an absolute must for going into the lake. Everywhere we turned in the lake, there were children and grown ups firing water pistols at anyone and everyone! It was a bit of a shock at first as the water was freezing! So off we went to the shop to buy Rory an inflatable spaceship with a built in water gun and a water shooter thingy for me! If you cant beat them, join them! It was fab!

There is also a wonderful woodland play area that we spent lots of time in. Tree houses, climbing rope nets, snake slides to name a few, kept Rory very happy and entertained. He also made me film him 100’s of times doing a miniature assault course!

I can’t wait to come back next year. And I hope a few of our lovely friends will join us. I’ll make you all a morning cuppa!!


4 thoughts on “River Dart Adventure …..

  1. I remember going camping with my mum and sister to the gower one year. It was lovely, although I haven’t been camping since. I think it’d be a good experience for the girls though. Loving your photos. It looks like you both had so much fun x


  2. Super post Debbie I have to admit I’m more of an all inclusive holiday saying that the girls would probably love to camp Rory looked like he loved it Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please


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