Where it began: The 1st Camp!

Rory was 2 1/2 years old. I had just had my first cycle of Chemotherapy and it took 11 days for me to feel like I could function properly and look after my little boy without help. I had 10 days before the horrible cycle would start again and I wanted Rory and I to do as much as we could together. Building memories. Taking photographs. Showing him places and experiences in case I wouldn’t be able to do them in the future. In those 10 days our feet didn’t touch the ground!

Camping has always been a passion of mine and I was desperate to take Rory on his first camping trip. Obviously I wasn’t in the best shape health wise and most people thought I was completely bonkers to go but once I get an idea in my head there is no stopping me!

I had seen an advertisement for an Adventure Park in Brecon that was doing a weekend camping  advent. Brilliant! Brecon was easy to get to and not too far in case we had to come home. Plus it had everything in the day time to entertain my busy little boy. There was also going to be outside evening entertainment and games, and much to my secret delight, a ‘One Direction’ Tribute band!!! What more could anyone ask for?!

Our camping pitch overlooked the beautiful Brecon countryside and we started to set up out tent. Rory was in charge of the mallet and bashing in the pegs. He loved it! Once I had inflated our camp bed and made our sleeping area all cosy, Rory was so excited. He took off all of his clothes and got into bed arranging all of his toys how he wanted! We had our peanut butter sandwich lunch and once I managed to persuade Rory to get dressed, off we went to explore.

There was so much to do, inside and out. Soft play, tractor school, animal petting, boats, bob sleigh, sand, playground, trampolines.  As the afternoon progressed Rory joined in with the football and dancing games in front of the entertainment stage. Again, I sat back and marvelled at how confident he was at making friends and how happy he was. All I ever want is my Rory to be happy.

There was a young girl in charge of the games and Rory took such a shine to her and wouldn’t leave her alone. She made such a lot of fuss of him and I was so grateful as by now my energy levels had diminished and I needed a little rest on the grass. It was a wonderful day and the evening drew to a close. I am so glad I didn’t have to drive back home as we were both exhausted. We snuggled up in our tent, top to toe in thermals! We read stories and chatted about our fantastic day!

Rory managed to sleep most of the night. I however, realised I had forgotten to secure the Guy Ropes. Our camping pitch was exposed to the elements and the wind was picking up! I didn’t get any sleep! But who needs sleep when you are camping in a beautiful part of Wales with the only sounds being of nature and your little boy sleeping. Absolutely perfect.

These memories are what got me through my next Chemotherapy session. Knowing that I was counting down the days before I was well enough to embark on another adventure with my boy. And boy have we had some adventures!!!

I vaguely remember paying something like £25 for the camping and entrance fee as Rory didn’t have to pay for either. It was such a bargain!

So a big Thank you to ‘Cantref Adventure Farm’ in Brecon. After that adventure I knew that everything was going to be ok and that I was strong enough for all of the fun in the world!




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